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Graduate Careers

Written by: Tushna Commissariat
Published on: 2 Oct 2023

Graduate careers 2023Free to download, your sample copy of the Physics World Graduate Careers section from the October 2023 edition of Physics World. Useful advice plus a selection of the best graduate jobs, studentships and courses.

Making decisions about your career can be an exciting process, but for most people it’s also a tricky one. Finding the right job that matches your skills and interest, while also discovering all the opportunities available to you can be complicated. The good news is that if you are an early-career physicist, or about to graduate with a degree in physics, then your talents and expertise are in high demand.

Employers from sectors as varied as construction, healthcare, engineering, green energy and data science are looking for people with physics skills and knowledge, as well as additional transferable skills that will enable candidates to successfully apply physics within the workplace. Indeed, employers value your fundamental physics knowledge as a foundation for solving complex problems in science and beyond. These are some of the key findings of the 2022 Physics in Demand: the Labour Market for Physics Skills in the UK and Ireland report, produced for the Institute of Physics (IOP) by labour-market analytics specialists Lightcast.

As physicist and broadcaster Sharon Ann Holgate writes, “By combining market research, analysis and data expertise, the Physics in Demand report finds that one in 20 jobs requires physics skills – quantitatively speaking, that is 1.85 million jobs in 2020 across the UK and Ireland – with demand increasing over the decade between 2010 and 2020.” 

The overall picture for those graduating with a degree in physics is a positive one, as we attempt to meet the needs of science, commerce and society. So if you are a jobseeker with a background in science,  technology, engineering or mathematics, make sure to explore all the latest opportunities on Physics World Jobs, a recruitment website from the publishers of Physics World. And don’t forget that our free-to-read Physics World Careers guide is always available, offering you careers advice, insightful case studies showcasing possible career options, plus a comprehensive employer directory.