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About UK Atomic Energy Authority

UKAEA profile imageUKAEA researches nuclear fusion (the power source of the Sun), to develop a viable future low carbon energy source. UKAEA operates two major fusion experiments, Europe’s JET and UK’s MAST Upgrade; has technology centres in robotics, materials and component testing; and is embarking on a UK powerplant design activity – STEP.

Why study with us
Harnessing fusion power for future electricity production is an enormous scientific challenge. It requires a very hot gas of fusion fuels to be confined and controlled. A scientific career at UKAEA promises to be intellectually stimulating. Research roles range from experimental physicists on UKAEA’s MAST Upgrade and the European JET fusion experiments to theoretical physicists modelling complex plasma behaviour. And ultimately, you are working directly towards a new zero carbon future – what better reason to get up in the morning?

Training and development
UKAEA is committed to developing all employees by offering a range of programmes and support to suit their individual career aspirations. Our advanced apprenticeship and graduate schemes are certified by IMechE and IET and we are members of the IET Power Academy. In the physics field we offer PhD and MSc opportunities and Culham Research Fellowships. In addition to the structured development schemes we also provide individual development as needed by the business and career trajectories, including management development opportunities.

Graduate schemes
UKAEA’s two-year graduate programme provides the opportunity to obtain skills and experience to launch your career, working on projects that make a real contribution to developing clean energy from fusion. You will spend 80% of your time on your job role and technical development and 20% on graduate scheme activities. Some of the 20% is allocated to specific tasks with the remaining time dedicated to activities chosen by you in discussion with your line manager, mentor and graduate scheme management.

What we are looking for
We are currently seeking to recruit physicists to work in a number of areas of tokamak plasma modelling such as:

  • Gyrokinetic simulations of core plasma turbulence (two positions)
  • Fast particle physics
  • Plasma disruptions
  • Runaway electron physics
  • Radiofrequency (RF) physics

Come and join us on the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) programme, which is an exciting programme that aims to demonstrate fusion as a net-zero carbon energy source.

Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

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How to apply
Apply online at

Closing date
All year round

Tel +44 (0)1235 528822

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