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About Qblox BV

With a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and developers, Qblox supports scientists worldwide with our scalable qubit control and readout equipment from ultrastable DC to 18.5 GHz. Our company is based in the Netherlands as a spinout of QuTech, which enables us to implement the latest scientific insights and take a position upfront in the worldwide race towards quantum advantage.

Using the technology developed at QuTech as a springboard, the Qblox team has fundamentally reimagined the architecture of quantum control to create a single fully-integrated control stack that provides all the functionality needed to manipulate and measure quantum computers. The Qblox control stack combines unlevelled noise performance, low-latency arbitrary control flows and can be scaled up to 100s of qubits. Qblox electronics are the go-to choice for controlling the new 20-qubit quantum computer at Chalmers University in Sweden.

The Qblox stack comprises a dedicated system providing all software and hardware components to control and readout their quantum device. The new RF modules were launched at the APS March Meeting 2021 and are being used in setups around the world.

  • Qubit control is managed by the QCM-RF module, which directly outputs RF signals in the range of 2-18.5 GHz. It integrates 6 AWG’s capable of generating complex baseband signals, two LO’s, and two IQ mixers. The module can self-calibrate its IQ mixer skewness, amplitude imbalance and LO leakage.
  • Qubit readout is performed by the QRM-RF module which includes LO’s, mixers, 6 AWGs pulse generators and digitizers for multiplexed readout in the range of 2 - 18.5 GHz. The QRM has advanced binning and averaging capabilities and can store up to 131072 IQ measurement results in a single experimental run.
  • Dedicated DC Current and DC Voltage sources originate from the SPI rack. Modules are designed to maximize output stability. Per single 3U chassis, up to 176 output channels can be fitted.

Qblox provides an open-source software stack, called Quantify, to control experiments on Qblox hardware. Quantify is a python-based, high-level data acquisition platform focused on providing all the necessary tools for Quantum Computing experiments. It is built on top of QCoDeS, and is the successor of the extensively tested PyQED measurement environment. The simple software framework enables setting-up typical characterisation experiments and advanced experimental procedures with ease of use.

At Qblox we celebrate equality and diversity. We’re striving to build a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, experiences, and skills. We are a spin-out from QuTech (a collaboration between Delft University of Technology and TNO) based in Delft, a historical city in The Netherlands located between The Hague and Rotterdam. You will join a highly-skilled and motivated team. We are shaping the future and have a lot of fun while doing so!

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