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CGG profile imageCGG is a global geoscience technology leader. Employing around 3700 people worldwide, our unique and innovative mix of people, data and technology enables our clients to solve the world’s most complex natural resource, environmental and infrastructure challenges.

Why work for us
We are the global leader in subsurface imaging, analysing a range of geophysical data to produce sophisticated, highly precise images and models of the subsurface. To do this involves processing immense data volumes through complex physical algorithms; and we operate some of the most powerful industrial high-performance computing in the world.

Training and development
The skills that you will develop as a geophysicist:

  • Technical expertise in the field of signal processing, modelling and imaging; and wider awareness of the field of geoscience and data science.
  • Building and maintaining long-term client relationships through service excellence.
  • Management of complex technical projects.
  • Cultural awareness through training and interaction with our globally diverse clients and teams.

Graduate schemes
We recruit throughout the year for physicists, mathematicians, geoscientists, remote sensing specialists and data engineers to analyse and interpret complex seismic, satellite, environmental and geological data; and in the process, develop pioneering new technologies and services.

What we are looking for
We are looking for individuals who enjoy problem solving, learning for its own sake and working with others; and who are ambitious for themselves and our technology.

Crawley, Edenbridge and Llandudno (UK); Massy, Pau (France); Oslo, Stavanger (Norway). Other major offices in the US, Canada, Singapore, Australia and Brazil

Number of employees
3700 globally

Main areas of research
Geophysics, geology, remote sensing, environmental geoscience and data science

Positions recently recruited for
Graduate and research geophysicists, machine learning engineer interns, data engineers, InSAR scientists

Desired degree disciplines/class
Masters and above for graduate/entry-level roles or PhD for research and machine learning roles. Physicists tend to be most suited to our geophysicist roles

How to apply
Please visit

Closing date
All year round

Tel +44 (0)1293 683 000

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