Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantum Materials (QM-CDT)

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About Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantum Materials (QM-CDT)

QM-CDT profile imageWe bring together physicists and materials chemists to provide broad interdisciplinary training in quantum materials. Our students undertake a major piece of doctoral research, specialist lecture courses and transferable skills training, and have access to our state-of-the-art facilities, including via the Centres for Designer Quantum Materials and Magnetic Resonance.

Why study with us
QM-CDT students undertake research in the field of quantum materials, including theoretical or experimental studies of their synthesis, structure, or electronic or magnetic properties. Students have access to research facilities within physics and chemistry, including those in the Centres for Designer Quantum Materials (www.quantummatter.co.uk) and Magnetic Resonance (www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~magres/), with extensive capabilities for materials synthesis, processing, and characterization. Students will work on their chosen research project from the start of their PhD, while undertaking a variety of courses and skills training.

Training and development
All incoming students undertake a bespoke training course covering the physics and chemistry of quantum materials to provide the foundations of a broad understanding of the research area, and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between theorists and experimentalists. QM-CDT students also complete specialist lecture courses, ensuring a solid foundation in the broader field. Additional provision includes bespoke workshops that provide practical training in research and innovation, data management, public engagement, and entrepreneurship, as well as careers and industry engagement events.

Graduate schemes
All our schemes are for graduates with first degrees in physics, chemistry, materials science or related subjects.

What we are looking for
We are looking for students with an interest in undertaking research on the chemistry and physics of quantum materials. We seek independent and creative scientists, who will become active and engaged members of our CDT cohort. We welcome a diversity of applications including those from under-represented groups; if you require any adjustments to any aspect of the application process please contact us directly. We expect all applicants to commit to our aspirations towards equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Universities of St Andrews, Edinburgh, and Heriot-Watt, UK

Number of researchers
c.30 current studies

Main areas of research
Physics and chemistry of quantum materials, including structural, electronic, magnetic and optical properties

Positions recently recruited for
See www.quantummatter.co.uk/qm-cdt-research

Desired degree disciplines/class
Undergraduate degree in physics, chemistry, materials science or a closely related subject, typically with at least a 2.1 award (or equivalent)

Eligible to study in the UK

How to apply
See www.quantummatter.co.uk/qm-cdt-apply. Applications will be considered as they arrive; we recommend you submit your applications by the end of February

Closing date
28 February 2022

E-mail qmadmin@st-andrews.ac.uk

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