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Fellowship applications

University of Southampton
Southampton, UK
Posting live until
25 Jul 2024

The Gravity group and the String Theory and Holography group of the school of Mathematical Sciences are accepting expressions of interest from early-career researchers who wish to apply for following senior fellowships with the University of Southampton as the host institution:

Ernest Rutherford Fellowships

University Research Fellowships

The Gravity group works on theory modelling, numerical simulations and data analysis for gravitational-wave astronomy. The main focus is on the dynamics of neutron stars and black holes, with direct connections to current ground-based interferometers, next-generation instruments (Cosmic Explorer and the Einstein Telescope) and LISA. Permanent group members are Nils Andersson, Leor Barack, Carsten Gundlach, Ian Jones, Ian Hawke, Adam Pound, Andreas Schmitt and Jonathan Thompson.

The String Theory and Holography group works on string theory; quantum field theory; holographic dualities and applications to gravity, black holes, cosmology, particle physics, condensed matter and quantum information and the permanent members of group are Ines Aniceto, Oscar Dias, Felix Haehl, Carlos Mafra, Kostas Skenderis, David Turton, Ben Withers and Itamar Yaakov.

The University of Southampton also hosts the STAG Research Centre , which supports the coordinated activities with the theoretical physics and astronomy groups in the school of Physics & Astronomy.

If you would like to be considered please send a CV, a brief outline of your research proposal and arrange for one reference letter to be sent to:

Nils Andersson, (Gravity)

Kostas Skenderis, (Strings & Holography)

To receive full consideration please send your EoI by:

• Wednesday July 25, 5pm BST, for University Research Fellowships

• Friday August 2, 5pm BST, for Ernest Rutherford Fellowships

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