MSc Courses in Nuclear Science and Technology

Greater Manchester (GB)
29 Mar 2022
30 Apr 2023

The Nuclear Technology Education Consortium (NTEC) comprises of seven Universities or Educational Organisations, to offer Master’s level education in Nuclear Science and Technology. The consortium members are –

  • University of Birmingham;
  • University of Central Lancashire;
  • University of Leeds;
  • University of Liverpool;
  • University of Manchester;
  • University of Sheffield;
  • Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

Sixteen course units are offered in a “short-course” format of one-week courses that are relevant to the UK’s operational, decommissioning and new build nuclear energy programmes. Course units are held at the delivering Educational Institute except for the Defence Academy units, these are held at Manchester. 

Nine of the course units are available in an e-Learning format with the plan to convert the other 11 units. It is also possible to attend individual course units on a standalone basis for continual professional development.