United Kingdom (GB)
28 Jul 2021
04 Aug 2021


At Dstl, there’s unlimited scope for diverse minds. Our incredible range of projects requires the expertise and perspectives of all kinds of amazing people. Our work can take them from the depths of the oceans, to the limits of space. They experiment with everything from lasers and underwater acoustics to the systems that support the nation’s air capability.

Radio Frequency, acoustics and sonar, hydrodynamics, and energy and power – these are some of the areas you can chose to specialise in. All our Physicists are curious, but that’s their only common feature. Each one brings a different background, different perspective and different ideas. That’s one of the things that makes our organisation unique.

What’s more, our work has a real impact. We’re supporting the defence and security of the UK – with hundreds of projects underway at any given time. So the variety really is unlimited. Which means that an inquisitive mind-set will be as essential as your scientific expertise.

Where will your talents take you?

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