Head of department of Ion Acceleration and Applications

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The ELI Beamlines Facility is a leading laser research centre and part of ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) pan-European Research Infrastructure hosting the world’s most intense lasers. ELI provides unique tools of support for scientific excellence in Europe. ELI Beamlines developed and operates four leading edge high-power femtosecond laser systems reaching unprecedented intensities. ELI Beamlines offers to its users unique femtosecond sources of X-rays and accelerated particles. These beamlines enable pioneering research not only in physics and material science, but also in life science, laboratory astrophysics, chemistry with strong application potential.

ELI Beamlines facility is currently part of the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of scientist that operates the ELI Beamlines Facility with the mandate of ELI ERIC – being an international organization representing the pan-European ELI project as ESFRI landmark. It is foreseen that the ELI Beamlines Facility will be organizationally integrated into ELI ERIC in the course of the appointment.

The Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a holder of the HR Excellence in Research Award. It is awarded by the European Commission to institutions, which put significant effort into improving their human resources strategy and ensuring professional and ethical working conditions.

The Extreme Light Infrastructure Beamline Facility (ELI BL) is seeking:

The ELIMAIA (ELI Multidisciplinary Application of laser-Ion Acceleration) user beamline has been recently installed and preliminary commissioned by the Ion Acceleration and Applications of High Energy Particles department, along with its key system ELIMED (ELI MEDical Applications) for ion beam transport and dosimetry. The mission of ELIMAIA is to provide stable and well-characterized beams of ions for users interested in exploring a wide range of applications.


  • establish and manage a research team with focus on operation, maintenance, and upgrades of the ELIMAIA user beamline in the experimental area E4 of ELI Beamlines;
  • prepare and process technical reports on the status of operations of ELIMAIA systems and sub-systems;
  • perform and coordinate innovative research and R&D activities focused on novel methods for the generation of short, high-energy ion beams using ultra-intense laser fields;
  • coordinate and conduct experimental campaigns at international high power laser facilities for testing various ion acceleration schemes,targetry and diagnostic solutions to be subsequently implemented at ELIMAIA;
  • ensure implementation of the tasks with respect to the schedule of the ELI Beamlines user programme and milestones/deliverables of R&D projects;
  • actively publish concepts and research results in high impact journals;
  • conceive and submit patents before publishing in scientific journals;
  • supervise undergraduate and graduate students;
  • liaise with appropriate laboratories and universities.

What do we expect? 

  • PhD in physical sciences is preferable;
  • extensive knowledge in laser driven ion acceleration related science and technology, as well as multidisciplinary applications of such non-conventional beams;
  • sufficient leadership experience in research and user facilities;
  • ability to manage a middle-size team of researchers with highly specialized skills in science and engineering;
  • excellent organizational, communication, and negotiation skills ;
  • proficiency in English.

We offer:

  • full-time position at the ELI Beamlines Facility in the Czech Republic;
  • the opportunity to lead a world class laser driven ion acceleration user facility;
  • the opportunity to cooperate with worldwide leaders in laser-plasma ion acceleration and applications;
  • pleasant and modern working environment of an international organization;
  • initial duration of the contract is five years with possible extension;
  • support in professional growth;
  • competitive and motivating salary with relocation package;
  • flexible working hours;
  • 5 weeks of holidays and 6 days of personal leave.

Applications, containing CV, cover letter, contacts of references, and any other material the candidate considers relevant, should be sent to Mrs. Jana Ženíšková, HR Specialist (jana.zeniskova@eli-beams.eu, +420 601 560 322) by 15th October 2022. IoP (FZU) reserves the right to extend the deadline for applications submission.

Information regarding the personal data processing and access to the personal data at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences can be found on: https://www.fzu.cz/en/processing-of-personal-data


ELI Beamlines profile imageELI Beamlines is part of the European ELI laser centre, the world’s first international laser facility. ELI Beamlines is open to an international and interdisciplinary user community from academia and industry. Mandated by the international scientific laser community and implemented in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, ELI drives international laser research and laser-based applications to new frontiers, and fulfils important missions for regional socio-economic development.

About us
The main mission of ELI Beamlines is to provide a user-oriented infrastructure for performing revolutionary scientific experiments across many different disciplines. It combines advanced synchronized ultra-intense short-pulse lasers with secondary sources of particles and X-rays.

The ELI Beamlines facility provides research opportunities at a number of world-class secondary sources, each one driven by ultra-intense lasers. These secondary sources, partially based on entirely new concepts, produce pulses of radiation and particles of the highest intensity and beam quality, including electromagnetic radiation over a broad spectral range and charged particles such as electrons, protons and ions. These will enable a wealth of novel applications.

Since its very beginning, ELI Beamlines has been closely connected with various scientific institutions around the world.

This scientific exchange has risen since ELI started to work as a user facility. And beyond its scientific co-operation, ELI Beamlines will promote aggressive technology transfer.

Why work for us
ELI Beamlines brings together people from all over the world. If you want to participate in the largest laser research project in the world, apply through the offer of employment at www.eli-beams.eu. We are interested in people of various professions and specializations. We can offer interesting and challenging work, dedicated training, plus the chance to work with smart people in a pleasant working environment.

The future is in laser technologies. Are you interested? Join us!

Czech Republic

Number of employees

Positions recently recruited for
Scientists, engineers, PhD students and technicians

Desired degree disciplines/class
From apprenticeship to PhD in a wide variety of domains

Eligible to work in the EU

How to apply
Apply online at www.eli-beams.eu

Closing date
All year round

Tel +420 601560322
E-mail jana.zeniskova@eli-beams.eu

Find Us
+420 601560322
Za Radnicí 835,
252 41 Dolní Břežany
Czech Republic

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