PhD in Physics Program

Abu Dhabi
20 Sep 2021
16 Oct 2021

Our program

Sharpen your skills and pursue a PhD in physics from Khalifa University, the UAE’s #1 University and a top 30 university in all of Asia.

Khalifa University’s PhD in Physics program offers you a unique opportunity to work with award-winning faculty in state-of-the-art labs, where you will conduct research at the highest level of originality and quality.

With a PhD in physics, you will gain the analytical knowledge and technical skills needed to lead fundamental advances in your field and solve key research challenges.

We live in a rapidly evolving world, with many of the future jobs for today’s children not yet invented. Research is critically important in sectors such as material science, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, IT, robotics and nano-science. Fundamental research in physics is what drives innovations in these key areas.

If you pursue a PhD in physics at Khalifa University, you can expect to have a dynamic career, full of constant change and rich promise.


All admitted students to the PhD in Physics program at Khalifa University will receive comprehensive scholarships that cover all necessary educational expenses and may also include the potential to earn an attractive monthly stipend.

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The PhD in Physics program is offered as a full-time program, consisting of 60 credit hours, with 24 credit hours allotted for coursework, and 36 credit hours for Thesis research. The normal time to complete a full-time doctoral program is four years.

Eligibility and how to apply

For more information on eligibility requirements and how to apply, please visit

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Living in Abu Dhabi

Khalifa University is a multi-campus, urban university in the UAE’s capital of Abu Dhabi. Life is very convenient and enjoyable in Abu Dhabi, one of the fastest growing cities, and the safest city in the world.

A multicultural cosmopolitan city with people from all cultures and religions living together in harmony, Abu Dhabi presents a fascinating mixture of tradition and progression. Tracing its rich history back to around 3000 BC, Abu Dhabi maintains a more distinctly Arabian ambiance, while offering fun and entertainment to people of all ages.