PhD in Advanced Composites

Bristol (GB)
05 Dec 2021
01 Apr 2022
Materials science

From world-class research to real-world application

Join the centre and be part of the advanced materials revolution

Work on amazing materials, carry out cutting-edge research with world-leading academics and experience top-class training.

Composites are truly the materials of the future

Compared with conventional materials they can be stronger, lighter, cheaper; they can be used to create shape-changing structures for planes, boats and cars; they can display embedded functionality, or the ability to repair themselves. The potential applications of composites are endless.

We offer:

  • Four-year PhD in Advanced Composites
  • Opportunity to work with industrial partners on real applications
  • State-of-the-art lab and office facilities
  • Funding available – UK/EU covering PhD tuition fees and stipends
  • Generous allowance for equipment, software and conference travel
  • First-year taught component including a group design, build and test project
  • Wide range of cutting-edge projects to choose from
  • Integrated transferable and translational skills development programme

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Application Deadline – 1st April 2022