Lead Communications Support Officer (EP-ADO-AM-2021-128-LD)

Canton of Geneva (CH)
18 Nov 2021
18 Dec 2021

Job Description


ATLAS is a particle physics experiment on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. One of the largest and most complex scientific instruments ever built, ATLAS investigates a wide range of pertinent questions about our Universe, from the role of the recently discovered Higgs boson to searches for extra dimensions and dark matter.

The ATLAS Education & Outreach Group is dedicated to disseminating the goals and accomplishments of ATLAS to the public, policy makers, teachers, and students, by sharing its cutting-edge physics programme, world-leading technology, and global collaboration involving several thousand scientists, through a variety of communication platforms.

As Lead Communications Support Officer in the ATLAS Education & Outreach Group, the candidate will support ATLAS Management and ATLAS Education & Outreach Coordinators and together with them lead the editorial, communication and social-media work of the ATLAS Collaboration.


  • Support ATLAS Management and ATLAS Education & Outreach Coordinators:
    • in questions of design and visual identity, including the ATLAS logos
  • Support ATLAS Education & Outreach Coordinators:
    • in defining a communications and social media (engagement) strategy
    • creating physical outreach resources, such as banners, posters and printables like e.g. the ATLAS Colouring Books or Fact and Cheat Sheets
    • in representing ATLAS during LHC Outreach Group (LOG) and International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG) meetings at CERN
  • Under the supervision of ATLAS Education and Outreach Coordination be responsible for:
    • editing and writing content published across all platforms
      (ATLAS public website, social media and in liaison with CERN)
    • editing blogs and briefings on the ATLAS public website
    • writing news updates and press statements for the ATLAS public website
    • producing written content and material for ATLAS public website: evergreen content, physics and detector pages, portraits and feature articles, as well as in the resource section, in addition to updates of all kinds
    • producing scripts for multimedia content on all ATLAS platforms
    • representing ATLAS at the CERN weekly and quarterly editorial meetings
    • convening a regular communications meeting (if applicable)
  • Report:
    • regularly in weekly Education & Outreach meetings


Bachelor's degree or equivalent relevant experience in the field of communications or a related field.


  • Basic knowledge and understanding of particle physics and scientific programme of the LHC experiments and CERN.
  • Established experience in writing scientific communication content, ideally in a particle physics and CERN-related context.
  • Experience in creating multimedia content, ideally in a particle physics and CERN-related context.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in handling the Adobe Software suite as well as other picture and video-editing software.
  • Demonstrated experience in using social media platforms and related management tools.

Technical competencies:

  • Audio-visual production
  • Brand management
  • Graphic design
  • Internal communications
  • Media relations
  • Science communications
  • Social media
  • Text editing and proof-reading
  • Interactive media development

Behavioural competencies:

  • Communicating effectively: providing others with timely information; delivering presentations in a structured and clear way; adjusting style and content to the audience; responding calmly and confidently to questions.
  • Learning and sharing knowledge: keeping up-to-date with developments in own field of expertise and readily absorbing new information; thinking "out of the box" and proposing fresh ideas, insights and methodologies.
  • Demonstrating flexibility: adapting quickly and resourcefully to shifting priorities and requirements; being willing to work on different projects simultaneously.
  • Working in teams: acknowledging the contribution of colleagues; recognizing their limitations and offering support to overcome their difficulties; working well in groups and readily fitting into a team; participating fully and taking an active role in team activities.
  • Working in the interest of the Organization: giving personal best in all activities; demonstrating motivation for own work, being enthusiastic, involved and energetic in pursuing tasks.

Language skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of English, both spoken and written.
  • Basic knowledge of French.

Additional Information

Eligibility and closing date:

Diversity has been an integral part of CERN's mission since its foundation and is an established value of the Organization. Employing a diverse workforce is central to our success. We welcome applications from all Member States and Associate Member States.

This vacancy will be filled as soon as possible, and applications should normally reach us no later than 16.12.2021

Employment Conditions

Contract type: Limited duration contract (3 years). Subject to certain conditions, holders of limited-duration contracts may apply for an indefinite position.

These functions require:

  • Work in Radiation Areas.
  • Work during nights, Sundays and official holidays, when required by the needs of the Organization.
  • Stand-by duty, when required by the needs of the Organization.

Job grade: 4-5

Job reference: EP-ADO-AM-2021-128-LD

Benchmark Job Title: Communications/Public Relations/External Relations Support Officer